EU Justice and Security commissioner Franco Frattini has come up with the brilliant idea that searches for how to make a bomb should be banned within the EU.

"I do intend to carry out a clear exploring exercise with the private sector ... on how it is possible to use technology to prevent people from using or searching dangerous words like bomb, kill, genocide or terrorism," Frattini told Reuters.
(Web search for bomb recipes should be blocked: EU)

Presumably Mr. Frattini had not bothered to engage very many brain cells (apart from the ones responsible for knee-jerk reactions along the line OMG Terrorists!) when coming up with this amazing fucking stupid proposal. For example, the phrase to make a bomb in colloquial English means "to make a lot of money", and people use it every day without fatal consequences.


a bomb
A bomb, yesterday
Source: Wikipedia, GFDL

Instructions for making a BOMB

  1. Have a brilliant idea
  2. .....?
  3. Profit!

Usage example: "I made a bomb on my brilliant idea of opening a coal retail store in Newcastle".

And here's another thought for you, Mr. Frattini: you'll need to ban the command man kill from UNIX-type systems!

And now for some fiction.

"It's murder out there", said Gene O'Cide to himself. "I'll have made a bomb by the end of the day, but the atmosphere in my new Chemicals'R'Us store is explosive."

"Yes, we've been almost blown off our feet. You know, I'd kill for a cup of tea" said his assistant Al Quai D'Ur. "But only in a transparent container of 100ml or less".

"Of course", replied Gene. "The water in that tea is two thirds hydrogen, which is highly explosive, in contrast to say duty-free whisky. That's why the European Commission in its infinite wisdom has decided to ban the former, while allowing anyone over the age of 18 to carry large glass containers containing alchohol onto planes. ".

To be continued...

Freedom, Security and Justice

From Mr. Frattini's web page:

I like the first two points in this list: the way things are at the moment, "Fundamental Rights and citizenship" and "The fight against terrorism and organised crime" are pretty contradictory fields - I wonder which one will get priority?

Frattnini in the News

The Reuters report referenced above isn't the first time Mr. Frattini has talked about this idea. This article from The Register dates from July. Says El Reg: "If the UK papers' reports are correct, Frattini and his advisors are fantastically ignorant of internet realities. ".

Disclaimer: This site in no way condones terrorism, the use of violence etc. etc. to achieve political etc. aims. Although we do like watching videos of things being blown up for fun.